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Many people have asked if I can customize financial categories in the My Budget Planner software to fit a college students life style.

So I did it!

My Budget Planner For College Students has all features as regular My Budget Planner software with financial categories that reflect a college student life style.

It will help college students to better manage their money and be debt free after the graduation.
Many students today have big debts on their credit cards when graduating.

It's no fun to start a new life with a huge debit or bad credit.

My Budget Planner For College Students will

  • Show where all money is going, provide with an idea of current and future financial situation both Monthly and Yearly.

  • Help to control spending, pay off debt, and still have money for fun staff (party!)

  • Help save money for future, for "rainy days", for big purchases, for travel, est. Get in to the habit of saving!

  • Help create payments' schedule and remind when payments are due!

  • and of course it simpler then Quicken or MS Money.
Personal Budget Software


"...My name is Meghan and I just purchased your budget planner a few days ago and I really love it already! I'm a college student who lives on a very fixed and tight budget, and this is just the tool I've been looking for (and I've been looking!), and at the right price too! It is very easy to operate and easy to read at a glance. Now the trick will be to make my self use it! But I don't think that will be too hard! "

--Meghan McCormick '03

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and pay only

$19 (download)
Version 1.6

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30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE. There is no risk to you at all. If you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded and you will keep the software.

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