The mission of My Budget Planner, Inc. is to help individuals and families to better manage their money and add peace and security to their lives.

My Budget Planner, Inc. encourages parents to educate their children about money, savings, spending and charity.

The idea to create My Budget Planner software started from my own life experience. A lot of debts, always worry about money, not knowing where do we spent it and continue to spend, not being able to save. We suffered that quiet anxiety of not having any real financial security today or retirement funds for tomorrow.

I didn't like my life. I wanted to be free of all financial worries. I wanted to save more, but I had no idea of how much I could save after paying all my bills.

I tried products like MS Money, Quicken, and Excel but they did not work for me. They were too complicated or not flexible enough. It took me 1(!) hour just to setup my finances on MS Money. I needed a Simple system that could teach me how to organize my budget, control my spending, save my money and does not require too much of my time.
Since I am a programmer, I decided to create a software program to help me accomplish my goals. I even gave it a simple name - "MY BUDGET PLANNER".

I spent many nights working on My Budget Planner, making it simple yet excellent. In less then a year of using My Budget Planner our financial problems were finally solved.

My family was able to save 15% of our annual income, pay off all credit cards and an educational loan, and finance a family vacation to Hawaii. My frequent disagreements with my husband over financial issues nearly vanished with the success of the budgeting and we created a positive, worry-free relationship.

My lessons in budget planning also led me to design the software for my seven-years-old son Joshua, MY BUDGET PLANNER FOR KIDS. I want to help him learn valuable money lessons.

I have created the software so that the average person like me, who wanted to know on a daily basis how much money their family spends, could do so quickly and easily.

President of My Budget Planner, Inc.




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