My son is 7 years old and he is paying for his college education

Children learn to SPEND SPEND SPEND !!!

As they get older, they spend more. Guess what happens when they are a teenager ... most parents eventually say "when you get a job, you can spend your own money". Guess what happens when they get a job ... they spend it. Guess what happens when they get a pay rise ... they spend it.

A year ago I've read a story about a Rockefeller family.

A Rockefeller Story...

Billionaire John D. Rockefeller , Jr. taught his children to value money. He raised vegetables and rabbits so his children can work and earn money. According to son Nelson , "We got 25 cents a week, and had to earn the rest of the money we got." All five boys were required
  • to keep personal daily account books,
  • give 10% of their income to charity,
  • save 10% of their income

Interesting. You'd expect that these kids, raised in the lap of luxury, wouldn't need to learn these things. Yet Rockefeller wanted his kids to understand and value money. From the book by Robert Allen "Multiple Streams Of Income"

That story inspired me to teach my son about money. Our school systems do not provide any financial education to a children. I decided to a build a software that will help my son to learn about income, saving, spending, charity.

By that time I already built a software for myself to organize and control my money - My Budget Planner.

I've used the same concept and built a financial software for children:

My Budget Planner For Kids (Ages 4-9)

My Budget Planner For Teens (Ages 10 -18) software.

My son Joshua is 7 years old. He does a house work every Saturday and gets pay from $2 to $5. Joshua uses My Budget Planner For Kids software where he records all his money:

  • earnings
  • allowances
  • gifts
  • savings
  • spending
  • giving to charity
  • and more

Joshua has a School Savings account with Washington Mutual where he deposits his saving money. When there is money available for him to spend he really enjoys to buy toys and books. Today he is paying for his college education. On Joshua's birthday I gave him $50 to buy any toy he wanted. He pulled $20 and said: "This will go to my savings bank account." Watch Joshua

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Here's what My Budget Planner For Kids and Teens
can do for your children:

It will help your children to manage money:

  • record every dollar and cent they get in to the simple software;
  • start actually saving money.
  • learn how to create a simple budget;
  • record bank transaction;
  • discover how much money they have spent already and how much money is available to them - control spending;
  • learn to give to needy or charity;

The software will ask your child to put some money into the savings and some money into the charity every time when your child earn money or receive it as a gift.

For Kids Ages 4-9
For Teens Ages 10 -18

The version for Kids has features like:

  • Colorful month buttons for a calendar
  • Money descriptions with pictures
  • Displays: Money I Received, Money I Saved, Money I Spent and Money Available to Me
  • Bank Statement
  • Allows to create a budget for many children

The version for Teens has features like:

  • Budget screen, difference column
  • Monthly and Yearly View
  • Display Percent From Income
  • Bank Statement
  • Export To Excel
  • Print
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Allows to create a budget for many children
  • Customized financial category

If you have 2, 3, 4 or more children you can use the same software and create a separate Budget Planner for every child.

You can start using My Budget Planner For Kids or My Budget Planner For Teens right now by downloading it online by order a CD by mail. You can pay by credit card, check or money order.

My Budget Planner For Kids (Ages 4 to 9) - $19


My Budget Planner For Teens (Ages 10 to 18) - $15(download)

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30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE

There is no risk to you at all. If you not satisfied, I will return your money and you will keep the software. That is how confident I am that this product will work for you!

Make a right choice for your children and order now

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Here's What My Budget Planner For Kids Can Do For You