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All Upgrades are Free.

I would like to thank everyone who sent great ideas and suggestions for the software's upgrades!

Today I feel that the software has been created by many people. Thank you all again!

I will continue to work on it and add more simple and useful features.

The version 2.0.1

Released on January 11, 2016

Resolves issue with adding a new Year

2.0 Click here for more details and download.

The version 1.7.
Released on December 5, 2004. It includes:

New Features:

  • Income Schedule.
  • Credit Card List is added to the transaction screen.
  • Display total monthly Credit Card expenses.
  • Password.
  • Restore Data from the backup.


  • Find by Category.
  • Copy transactions from the Excel to the "Add Multiple Transactions" screen.
  • Move an category's item to the different group.
  • See transaction details on Monthly and Yearly reports.
  • Move a transaction to a different category.

1.7 Click here for more details and download.

Version 1.6 upgrade
Released on December 2003. It includes:

New Feature: Reports are added to the software.

  • Monthly Cash Flow and Availability
  • Monthly Summary
  • Quarterly Summary
  • Yearly Summary


  • Roll over Over/Under budgeted amount to the first month of the next year.
  • Fixed problem with displaying a Daily Transactions view.

1.6 Click here for more details and download.

Version 1.5 upgrade.
Released on October 2003. It includes:

  • New Feature: Payments Schedule
  • New Feature: Payments Calendar
  • New Feature: Total Savings
  • New Feature: Multiple Expenses Entry
  • New Feature: Find transactions
    and more...

1.5 Click here for more details and download.










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